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About Our Company

Burpee MedSystems (originally Burpee Materials Technology) was founded by Janet and Steve Burpee in November 1998. With Janet's background in design, mechanical engineering, and metallurgy and Steve's background in processing and chemical engineering, they formed the perfect team for stent design and manufacturing. We are now over 120 people strong with a highly technical workforce suited to meet our customers' needs.

In 2009, Burpee MedSystems added catheter assembly and has since expanded capabilities to offer a fully integrated manufacturing system providing low-cost, high quality, and simplified supply chain management through a finished-good-to-distribution center manufacturing model. Burpee MedSystems is one of the few companies who offer both catheter and stent manufacturing, eliminating numerous costs and complexity to our customers. 


We have expanded our delivery system and stent + implant manufacturing capabilities three-fold and introduced new domestic and international suppliers to best serve the increasingly competitive medical device economy.


The foundation of our company is trust, integrity, and transparency.  Whether you come to us in the early design phase, for your commercial launch, or with a desire to find a more cost effective supplier post launch, Burpee MedSystems is here for you. 

We understand that time is money and it is our goal to use both as efficiently as possible.  We believe in full transparency and will always work with our customers to get the best quality product for the best value possible.

A rich history of

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