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NOTE: We also occasionally have opportunities for interns and co-ops in other areas of our facility such as Human Resources, Administration, Finance, and IT.  For more information about an open position in these areas or to apply, please email us.

Please email jobs@burpeemedsystems.com with your resume to apply.





Don't see the answer to your question?  Email us at jobs@burpeemedsystems.com and our hiring team will get back to you as soon as we can!

Q: What is a co-operative education (co-op) program?

       A:  A co-operative education (co-op) program combines academic studies with 

      professionally supervised work experience to provide real-world educational

      training. A co-op is a student who is actively enrolled and receiving credit /

      recognition through their school for the work experience gained.

Q: What is an internship?

      A: Similar to a co-op program, an internship provides professionally supervised

      work experience to provide real-world educational training. An intern does not

      receive credit / recognition through their school for the work experience gained.

Q: Who is eligible for a co-op?

      A: All students who are enrolled full-time and are in good academic standing are

      welcome and encouraged to apply.  

Q: When do you hire interns and co-ops?

      A: We typically have positions available for Manufacturing, Engineering, and

      Quality interns and co-ops starting in January, May, and September, with some

      flexibility to those dates.  E-mail us if you have questions on our availability.

Q: Why is having formal career-related work experience before graduation helpful?

      A: Experience in your field of study gives you a competitive edge and makes you

      more marketable.  Students with professional intern and co-op experience are

      usually more successful at getting job offers upon graduation.

Q: I'm interested in more than one co-op or intern position that you have available.  Can I apply to more than one?

      A: Students are welcome to apply to whichever positions they are interested in. 

      Email us your resume and let us know your interests.  Our hiring team will review

      your resume and be in touch.

Q: What skills and attributes do you look for in an intern or co-op?

      A: At BMS we look for candidates who are energetic, hardworking, and eager to

      learn.  We look someone with a high attention to detail who is able to follow

      direction and work in a team environment.  We typically look for someone whose

      career path, goals, and experience are in-line with intended projects and tasks. 

Q: How do I apply for an internship or co-op?

      A: To apply, email us at jobs@burpeemedsystems.com with your resume and let

      us know where you think you fit in.



Anthony, Quality Engineering Intern

As an intern with Burpee MedSystems, I gained hands-on experience in a quality control environment while interfacing regularly with individuals of all levels from all aspects of the manufacturing process.  Burpee's diverse customer base and knowledgeable personnel provided an excellent introduction to the many facets of medical device manufacturing.



To apply, please email your resume to jobs@burpeemedsystems.com. Let us know what position you're interested in and our hiring team will get in touch!