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We specialize in manufacturing

Burpee MedSystems specializes in high yield, high quality manufacturing of stents, devices, and components.  Our expertise ranges from fine neurovascular and coronary devices to large aortic stent grafts and valve components fabricated from nitinol, cobalt-chromium, stainless steel, and other biocompatible metals.


Stents + Implants

Our Stent + Implant Capabilities Include:

State-of-the-Art Laser Machining from Tubing

+    Tube diameters: 0.01 to 1.0 inch

+    Wall thickness: 0.001 to 0.03 inch

+    Optimized for exceptional dimensional uniformity

       and edge quality

World-Class Surface Finishing

+    Electropolishing to achieve mirror smooth,

       highly passive surfaces

+    Precision deburring, polishing, and chemical

       etching operations

+    Tight tolerances

Nitinol Forming/Shape Setting

+    Devices of variable sizes and complex shapes

+    Devices optimized for mechanical and

       thermomechanical behavior

+    Rapid heating/cooling cycles and precision

       temperature control

Other Capabilities

+    Radiopaque marking

+    Laser welding

+    Machining


Wire-Formed Components

Our Wire Forming Capabilities Include:

State-of-the-Art Nitinol

Wire Forming

+    Dynamic tension control

+    Wire joining with metal welding or crimping

+    Automation for high volume and low cost              


+    Precise control over wire tension, shape setting,

       and finishing

+    Utilizing forming rings, helices, or simple woven

       structures, we can form simple 2-D shapes to

       complex 3-D structure


Polymer Coatings

Expanded in-house capabilities for both stents and catheters